[2020] “On our journey to achieve our supply chain and business aspirations, we realized the necessity to invest in a solid, yet flexible foundation on which our identified strategic pillars could be forged.

This foundation was a cloud ERP solution which provide us with the capability to not only disrupt our industry but also deliver considerable value to our customers. Armed with a clear vision, process driven mindset and an explosive drive to construct something truly remarkable, we were able to deploy our ERP solution in as little as 7 weeks. For everyone who appreciate the effort required to implement these systems on time, on standard, and with little disruption to the day-to-day activities of the business, will realize that it was quite a spectacular achievement and is nothing less than world class. This would not have been possible without highly skilled and passionate people. A special word of appreciation to both our internal teams (FS Systems International Ltd) as well as strategic partners, SAP and Westrocon Seidor (Pty) Ltd.”