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Service Industry Without Projects And Inventory Control

Seidor Service Industry with Projects and Inventory Control Package

Cloud Factory - Service Industry with projects and inventory control

Business Value
Oil and gas, construction, utilities, energy companies, etc. which are looking for their common goals: delivering projects on-time and within budget, tracking processes, managing inventory and resources, identify potential red flags ahead of time, and others by having access to real time project information.

  • Client contracts managed by project
  • Inventory purchased and stored centralized or decentralized
  • Project execution management integrated with finance, purchasing, warehousing and sales.
  • Assets under construction management
  • Management of resource and material cost compared with revenue
  • Budgets management by project
  • Actuals vs budgets in real time by project
  • Resource allocation by projects and service level agreement
  • Employee agenda and time sheets
  • Financial and resource analysis/reports by projects: project accounting
  • Optional app for reporting, document distribution, time entry and activity confirmation in the field.


Maintenance, repair and operation companies (MRO); subcontractors to energy, construction, oil and gas, utility sector, HVAC and other services based companies who need to handle inventory.

The benefits of the onsite consultants at the price of remotes.

The project is expected to be executed mainly remotely by our implementation factory, but with the local consultant travelling to the customer office to attend the most important inside activities such as: Kickoff, Testing and Go Live.

This consultant is expected to be the single point of contact with the customer.
Business Areas
  • Sales of projects, materials and services
  • Sourcing and purchasing
  • Subcontracting
  • Supply Chain planning and control
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Project Management and project accounting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Financial (AP, AR, GL, Taxes, banks) and Management Accounting
  • Travel expenses management
  • Internal and external resource management
  • Optional Mobile field office functionalities.