Perform Fast - Performance and Goals

Traditional performance management models are weak as they often:

  • Rear-view focused – too much time spent evaluating past performance & not enough time focusing on future performance.
  • Inflexible - ‘one-size fits all’ approach makes it difficult to adapt to organisational & cultural diversity.
  • Reactive – performance discussion often occur when it’s too late.

48% of executives say that their performance process is ‘weak’ at improving development and driving business value.

66% of employees say that performance review process interferes with their productivity.

Why change now?

An effective performance management program leads to 10% increase in employee engagement, as much as 36% lower voluntary turnover and up to 25% increase in revenue per employee.

It’s time to empower your HR department with the tool needed to contribute strategically to the organization's revenue growth!

  • Perform Fast can be delivered within as little as 8 weeks and billed at a fixed monthly subscription, based on the size of your workforce. Implementation costs can be structured into the monthly fee to suit cash flow.
  • *Terms & Conditions Apply.

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