SAP Business All-in-One is a comprehensive, integrated and flexible ERP software solution for medium sized businesses.

To create an IT infrastructure that will support your company’s growth, you need a unified business management solution on an integrated platform that offers the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements. An SAP Business All-in-One ERP solution can help you improve financial management, maintain operational excellence, and enhance competitive agility – so you can succeed even in times of economic uncertainty and lay a solid foundation for growth. With built-in support for business best practices, these integrated, industry-specific solutions are designed for midsize companies seeking to support processes across the entire organization.

Take a look at how SAP Business All in One can help your business

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Powerful Functionality from SAP Business All-in-One

Only SAP offers complete, proven business solutions that can be adapted to meet the unique and changing business needs of midsize companies in an affordable, predictable way. The SAP Business All-in-One solution is comprehensive and flexible business management software with support for best practices built in. SAP Business All-in-One best fits the needs of midsize companies looking for a comprehensive, integrated industry solution to power their business end to end. Unlike other business solutions in the market, SAP Business All-in-One helps companies manage everything – from financials, human resources, procurement, inventory, manufacturing, logistics, product development, and corporate services to customer service, sales, and marketing – in one configurable solution.

With the powerful SAP Business All-in-One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and SAP Business All-in-One Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality, you can effectively manage all aspects of your operations and customer relationships. At the same time, business intelligence functionality helps you can gain insight and improve decision making with tools for financial and operational reporting and analysis.

SAP Business All-in-One offers unprecedented integration and new levels of simplicity embodied in an intuitive user experience. Because SAP Business All-in-One is powered by the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform, you can quickly and cost-effectively add on to your existing solution, unifying and integrating both SAP and non-SAP software as your business grows and your needs change. The SAP Best Practices packages included in SAP Business All-in-One solutions offer detailed documentation, sample data, and the forms and reports needed to get a midsize company quickly up and running on the software. A variety of implementation options are available, with tools and multiple delivery options offered by over 1,000 authorized partners to lower your risk and provide predictable deployments with rapid internal adoption.

SAP Business All-in-One Features:

  • Improve financial management – Accelerate financial closes, increase the accuracy of financial reporting, and maintain superior cash management.
  • Maintain operational excellence – Improve efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining business processes, enhancing service levels, and cutting costs and errors.
  • Enhance agility – Respond more quickly to change, enhance customer experiences, and differentiate your company from your competitors.
  • Unify and simplify – With the integrated ERP and CRM functionality in SAP Business All-in-One, you can streamline and complete a process from end to end. For example, you can use CRM functionality to create an opportunity and convert it directly into a quote, and then later use the ERP functionality to convert it into a sales order – complete with product, pricing, billing, and delivery.
  • Drive adoption and improve productivity – Enable quick adoption and increase productivity with an intuitive, single desktop environment. Integrated functionality eliminates the need for manual data reentry between systems, saving time and reducing the risk of mistakes.
  • Connect headquarters, subsidiaries, and business partners in one seamless network – Better serve your customers and gain operational efficiency with affordable, right-sized solutions to help manage information flow and harmonize business processes.

Unlike other solutions on the market, SAP Business All-in-One helps you manage your most important processes in one integrated solution.

An SAP Business All-in-One solution includes:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) – Effectively manage financials, accounting, human resources, operations, and corporate services.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) – Effectively manage all aspects of your customer relationships – from marketing, to sales, to service.
  • Supplier relationship management (SRM) – Optimize procurement and sourcing processes.
  • Business intelligence (BI) – Gain insight and improve decision making with tools for financial and operational reporting and analysis.
  • SAP Best Practices – Benefit from industry-specific configuration and business processes based on SAP’s experience – spanning the last 35 years – with companies in 25 industries worldwid
  • SAP NetWeaver technology platform – Quickly and cost-effectively add on to your existing solution as your business grows and your needs change.