[PLAY] Episode 1: SAP S/4HANA implementation during the first national COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa.
[PLAY] Episode 2: Achieved Go-Live in 4 months within the budget without disruption to the business.
[PLAY] Episode 3: Challenges of the current system.It was Fiori mobility that made a major impact on the company.
"The go-live date was met and went very smoothly. The Westrocon team was on site to support and solve any issues as they appeared ensuring minimal interruptions. The total roll-out was worth it and we can now focus on the second phase of the project."
Conrad Strydom
Site Head
"SAP S/4HANA is really intuitive and through the implementation of best practice, the experience after go-live has ensured a great deal of ownership of the system by the business. Following minor implementation hurdles after go-live, business process and transactions have been streamlined."
Mbuso Ntuli & Moosa Areff
Project Manager & COO